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Speech and language social
skills groups

Does your child struggle with having conversations, making friends, reading body language, or getting along with other? If so, ask your pediatrician or medical care provider for a referral to our Speech & Language Social Skills Group program. 

Social skills include far more than the ability to communicate with other children. They’re crucial to making friends, succeeding in school and, later in life, getting and keeping a job.

Led by a speech-language pathologist or speech-language pathology assistant with significant experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders and other social-communication difficulties, our S ocial Skills Groups address the following topics:

  • Social Perspective Taking (Thinking About Others)
  • Determining Expected and Unexpected Social Behaviors in Social Situations
  • Identifying and Responding Appropriately to Social Challenges
  • Emotional Coping Strategies

Social Skills Groups meet once a week for a total of six weeks. Session are held on Monday and Wednesday from 5- 6 pm.
Currently, we offer two groups weekly:

  • Children 6-8 Years Old (Max per group is 4)
  • Children 9-12 Years Old (Max per group is 4)

Children in library with teacher

please note

Children who are able to demonstrate generally age-appropriate language skills and have the ability to participate in small group activities without one on one assistance will have the most success in this program. 

Children who may not do as well in this group setting may be excellent candidates for our one on one speech therapy program. Learn more about our speech therapy programs here. 

To learn more about SCI Social Skills Groups or Speech Therapy call 423.490.7710