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Is your child interested in learning

to play guitar?

Discover the Songbirds Foundation "Guitars for Kids" program!


Young boy playing the guitarBoy playing guitar smiling
Songbirds, a collection of timeless guitars

The Songbirds Foundation is proud to partner with Siskin Children’s institute to offer free guitar lessons and music therapy to students ages 4-17 years. This program is intended to teach students guitar basics, promote music literacy, encourage group engagement, and increase self-esteem. Beginning classes will focus on guitar basics and provide students with fundamental skills. Dependent on your child’s involvement in an individualized or group series, the instructor will discuss with you details about the length of your child’s specific series.

If interested, complete an electronic application here or download it here to return or mail it to the Center for Developmental Pediatrics at Siskin Children’s Institute.*

* Although we strive to serve as many children as possible, please note that, given the popularity of the program, the number of available slots is limited .