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Siskin Early Learning Centers: An early childhood learning environment for children with special needs and those who are typically developing

Siskin Early Learning Centers provide a quality early childhood education in an inclusive environment where children with special needs and disabilities, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum conditions, receive early intervention services. They learn and grow side by side with children who are typically developing. The mission of Siskin Early Learning Centers is to develop and promote early childhood education and early intervention in an inclusive society for children of all abilities based upon principles of respect, responsibility and community. 

Two Early Learning Centers are conveniently located in popular and easily accessible areas of Chattanooga. Siskin Early Learning Center-Downtown is located at 1101 Carter Street across from the Chattanooga Convention Center. Siskin Early Learning Center-East Brainerd is located at 1602 Gunbarrel Road near Hamilton Place Mall. 

Various strategies are used at Siskin Early Learning Centers to promote children's development and teachers' professional development, including:

  • The Engagement Classroom Model
  • The Reggio Emilia approach
  • Implementation of a blended curriculum
  • Teaching staff coaching
  • Zone defense scheduling
  • Incidental teaching
  • Integrated therapy
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