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Video Self-Modeling Research

Video self-modeling (VSM) promotes positive behavior changes and development in children. Tom Buggey, Ph.D., a researcher at Siskin Children's Institute and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, conducts VSM research with children enrolled at Siskin Early Learning Centers.

VSM is a technique that uses carefully planned and edited video of self-imaging behavior so that children can view themselves performing a task or behavior at a slightly advanced level, which is a process called "feedforward." Several of Dr. Buggey's VSM studies have worked to improve:

  • Language aquisition (verbal and signed)
  • Responding behaviors in students with autism
  • Morning routine and transitions
  • Eating/finishing lunch and food aversions
  • Appropriate substitute behaviors for aggression and tantrums
  • Social interactions among children with and without disabilities

A key feature of Buggey's work is to keep the self-modeling method as simple as possible so that parents, teachers and therapists find it easy to adopt. Anyone with access to a camcorder, a VCR or DVD player with recording capacity and/or a computer editing program can make self-modeling videos.

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