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Meet Marlon

Marlon is a young boy who has made remarkable progress since being diagnosed with autism three years ago. Working together, the Siskin's Center for Developmental Pediatrics and the Early Learning Center helped Marlon overcome many challenges and provided the Parks family with hope for Marlon's future. Marlon began to let people in. He began to respond to therapy and began making tremendous progress at home. Working with Marlon and his family, therapists began unlocking his personailty and potential.  

Three short years later, Marlon is comunicating using short sentences and interacting with his peers in a positive manner, while continuing to work on his speech and vocabulary. Thanks to the tender loving care Marlon is getting from his family and therapists at Siskin Children's Institute, he is making incredible progress. Marlon started kindergarden this year and continues to work with the therapist in the Center for Developmental Pediatrics to reach his goals.  Hear from Marlon's parents below.

Marlon is one of more than 2400 children who receive services through the Insitute's four areas of focus: education, outreach, heath care and research.

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