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01/06/15- 2013-14 Siskin Children's Institute Evaluation Report Released

A Letter from Institute President and CEO 
John Farrimond

John Farrimond, President and CEO, Siskin Children's InstituteOne of the most well known physical features of Siskin Children’s Institute is the butterfly gate that leads into the building. Created from beautiful stainless steel, a nod to our founders Mose and Garrison Siskin, the butterfly has become an unofficial logo for the Institute and its efforts on behalf of children, particularly children with special needs, and their families. Found throughout the world, butterflies mean different things to different cultures, but a broadly common theme is one of growth, change and hope.

This past fiscal year was a story of growth, change and hope for not only the children and families we serve, but for the Institute as well. The need for programs and services for kids with special needs continues to grow dramatically. In the past year, 2,424 children in the region received direct services from the Institute, a 25% increase from the previous year. We will have an impact on many more through our efforts in professional development, early childhood education models and implementation consulting.

This dramatic growth occurred simultaneously with organizational change.
Specifically, our Early Learning Center in East Brainerd was closed in May
2014 as we refocused on our mission, acknowledged changes in the referral environment and honed the use of our resources. As the East Brainerd location was closing, construction began on three new classrooms in the downtown Early Learning Center all of which opened in August, 2014.

As we head into a new year, the Institute continues its work to create brighter futures for children and to be good stewards of the support we receive from the community. Toward that end, the following pages provide an overview of organizational data that have been collected, organized and analyzed over the last year.

Although measuring outcomes is essential, we must not forget that it
is the individual challenges and triumphs of the children behind the
numbers that drive our organization. Their stories illustrate the power
of early identification and intervention, early learning, family centered
therapy and medical care. They are stories of hope. They are the
stories of Siskin Children’s Institute.

On behalf of the board of directors, staff, children and families we serve,
thank you for your interest in our efforts. We hope you will join us as we
work to create great futures for kids.

To view the 2013-14 Evaluation Report, click here.