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Meet Thatcher, Ellie, and Ms. Lisa


Siskin fosters an environment where all kids benefit from each other's strengths and weaknesses."

-- Ellie’s Mom, Cara

I want to be a Physical Therapist like Ms. Lisa when I grow up!” Ellie, aged 3, said after school the other day. I asked her why and she said “Because physical therapists get to help Thatcher and that’s what I want to do!” 

Her friend at school, Thatcher, has different abilities.  He uses a wheelchair and other assistive devices.   Ms. Lisa comes in to work with Thatcher every week and Ellie wants to grow up to be just like Ms. Lisa. Every day Ellie gets to see and learn compassion.  Ellie sees Ms. Lisa coming in to help Thatcher reach his full potential.  Ellie’s teachers have also given the other kids a chance to learn hands-on compassion: each week the kids in her class get to pick which assignment they want whether it be line-leader, snack helper, etc. Whenever she can, Ellie picks “Thatcher’s buddy.”  She likes helping him use his stander; she likes reading books to him.  Ellie is taught that Thatcher is just as worthy of love and friendship as all the other kids, he just accesses things differently.  

Thanks to Siskin, Ellie has learned from an early age that people have a whole range of abilities. Siskin has channeled Ellie’s love of people and compassion for those of us who are dealt different circumstances. In a world where we often hear about bullying, name-calling and being picked on, Siskin fosters a different environment.  Siskin foster an environment where helping others is cool and fun and special.  Siskin fosters an environment where all kids benefit from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Ellie wants to grow up to help people because that’s what Ms. Lisa and Siskin have helped to teach her.