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Jadon's Story

" Jadon has been with the SCI Home Visiting Program for nearly two years and has overcome so many struggles and continues to meet goals and accomplish milestones monthly. "

--Jennifer, Jadon's Mom

Jadon smiling with his walker

Jadon was bornpremature at 26 weeks only weighing 2 pounds and 13 ounces. We brought Jadonhome from the hospital at eight weeks old and the only doctor we had was apediatrician for the first year. Some aspects of Jadon's development justdidn’t make sense so we decided to switch pediatricians and went from onedoctor to 12 practically overnight. This began multiple doctor appointments andtesting from each of these doctors to help find answers and diagnosis forJadon.  

Jadon was 14 months old and not eating (only drinking formula),not crawling, not sitting up alone, and was behind on many milestones thatinfants usually accomplishes by his age. So one day Jadon had a swallow test atT.C. Thompson Children's Hospital and while we were there the nurse and I weretalking and she asked me if I had heard of TEIS (Tennessee Early InterventionSystem), and I said no. She began to explain to me what it was and how itworked, she explained that they contracted with physical therapy, speechtherapy, and occupational therapy and a Siskin early interventionist could comeinto the home to work with Jadon. She also explained to me how beneficial it iswhen your child is doing therapy in their own home with their own surroundings.I nearly started crying then and there. With Jadon having 12 doctors, physicaltherapy twice a week, speech therapy once a week, and music therapy once a weekit became extremely hard for me to balance work and Jadon's therapy sessionsand doctors appointments.

Becoming a part of Siskin Children’s Institute(SCI) HomeVisiting Program took a load off of our family. I now felt like I could giveJadon & work 100% again and neither one would have to suffer. Jadon isalmost three years old now and was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy andDevelopmental Delay. Jadon has been with SCI's Home Visiting Program fornearly two years and has overcome so many struggles and continues to meet goalsand accomplish milestones monthly. Jadon's next milestone is walking and he issoooo close. I do not know where Jadon or our family would be without TEIS andSCI being there for us with their support, listening to our concerns,reassuring us when we were discouraged, and sharing their wealth of knowledgewith us. TEIS has always told us from day one, if your insurance does not coverit, do not worry we will, we will make sure Jadon has everything he needs fromtherapy, leg braces, to a gate trainer,and wheelchair.

Our developmental therapist and our physical therapist are themost caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Jadon is not "justanother child" to them, he is loved by them, and our family considers themfamily. Jadon is so determined and always gives his heart in all that he does.Nothing has came easy for Jadon. He has had to fight for every new journey hetakes,but I know with Siskin Children’s Institute, TEIS, loving family andfriends,and Jadon's strong will and mind he will succeed in all he does.

-- Jennifer, Jadon's Mom