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Peyton's Story

"Since finding our place at SCI, Peyton has truly blossomed. He has gained mobility, strength, and new abilities, all of which continue to grow."

"As a family we are blessed to know Siskin Children's Institute and call it home!"

--Whitney, Peyton's Mom

Smiling Peyton

When Peyton was 10 months old we noticed he had not met many of the common milestones for children his age and was referred to a state run early intervention program. Peyton wasn't sitting up on his own, crawling or babbling which would have been typical for a normally developing child at his age. After consultation it was determined the Peyton would need therapies that the state program was unable to provide and we began our search for therapy services that would meet his needs. After some ups and downs with therapy providers a family member suggested we look into Siskin Children’s Institute (SCI) and their Center for Developmental Pediatrics. We got a referral and started the process of getting Peyton the help he needed. The process was thorough as they gathered information from previous physicians and therapist, but it was well worth it!  Siskin Children’s Institute has changed our lives.

Since finding our place at SCI, Peyton has truly blossomed. He has gained mobility,strength, and new abilities, all of which continue to grow. The Institute has helped us acquire much the needed equipment which allows our family to have more freedom in every facet of our lives. Peyton’s wheel chair gives us the ability to take him anywhere and ensures that he will have a safe space when we get there. Peyton also has a device to help with communication thanks to our amazing therapist. Through the services at Siskin Children’s Institute we are learning new ways to live life to the fullest and transform Peyton’s disabilities into abilities.

Not only is SCI helping Peyton reach his full potential, they have also been a lifeline for us as Peyton’s parents. They act as therapists for us as well; they always listen to our concerns and strive to find solutions to problems we face in raising a child with special needs. I cannot stress enough how much this has helped us to cope and deal with the day to day issues we face.

Thanks to SCI’s Medical Services team who urged us to have genetics testing done, we finally had a diagnosis. Peyton has Christianson Syndrome. This is an extremely rare condition that primarily affects the nervous system and includes potential delays in development, speech, problems with balance, and coordination among others. We finally know exactly what makes Peyton, well Peyton!  I have no doubt that with the help of the professionals at Siskin Children’s Institute, Peyton will continue to thrive and achieve his goals. As a family we are so blessed to know SCI and call it home!

--Whitney, Peyton's Mom