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Planned Giving


To honor the founders of Siskin Children's Institute, our most prestigious giving club is The Mose and Garrison Siskin Society. The society recognizes benefactors who have remembered Siskin Children's Institute through their long-range plans with such gifts as a bequest, life insurance, trust arrangement or other estate-planning vehicles. For more information regarding gift planning, please contact the Institute's development department at 423-648-1730 or by email.

You can make a big difference for children through planned gifts for the Siskin Society.  Here are a few ways to consider:

Gifts through your will
You may name Siskin Children’s Institute as beneficiary of a percentage or specific amount of your assets, as directed through your will or estate plan.

Gifts that pay the donor income
It is possible to make a gift to the Institute while retaining income for yourself or your family. Ask your financial planner about the Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Annuity trust.

Charitable lead or remainder trust
Establishing a trust for the benefit of the Institute may provide tax planning benefits for you and your family while making a larger gift than you might have expected.

Gifts of stock
Gifting stock directly to the Institute gives the donor tax benefits and allows the organization access to the gift immediately.

Gifts of a retirement plan

Many people have retirement plans with balances totaling more than they need for a comfortable retirement.  If you are older than age 70.5 and are in this situation, please consider making a gift from these plans.

Gifts of life insurance
If no longer needed for family security, life insurance proceeds are an excellent way to make a significant gift to the Institute.

Gifts of a residence or a farm
It might be possible to make this type of gift and still maintain residence during your lifetime.

Gifts in memory or in honor
Any gift to the Institute may be made in memory or in honor of a loved one. 

Siskin Children's Institute does not engage in legal or tax advisory service. This information is provided as a general guide.  For specifics, please consult with your financial adviser, attorney or tax specialist.