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Behavioral Health Services

Summary of Services
To meet the individualized needs of the families and children in our region, the behavioral health services provided at the Siskin Center for Developmental Pediatrics include a collection of both evaluation and treatment options.

Utilizing a collaborative team approach with other professionals at the center, the evaluation services include diagnostic interviews and psychometric assessments that assist the center’s medical providers in the comprehensive diagnostic workup of children.  

In regards to treatment, the center provides a range of systemically-based services focusing on the presenting child and the needs of the other family members. Through the Developmental Family Therapy Center, individual and family therapy services for children and families with a range of developmental needs are available.  Additionally, through family participation and collaboration with peers, our center facilitates several group interventions intended to help enhance the social skills of children that are exhibiting significant difficulties in navigating social situations.  We also offer a Parent Empowerment Series, a set of parenting workshops focused on helping parents seeking effective ways to control disruptive behavior, enhance positive behavior, and further develop their relationship with their child.

 Additional Information:

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