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Day Camp Schedule

* All activities are optional. Families can choose what activities they participate in and do as much or little as they'd like.

8am- Breakfast

9:30am- Yoga

11am- Dance

12:30pm- Group photo & Lunch

Free Time- Recreational activities, Art, Family Photo Opportunities, and more!

4:30pm- Jennifer Daniels Concert

6pm- Dinner & Karaoke

7:30pm- Campfire, S'mores & Megan Howard Concert

9pm- Family Movie  

Join Siskin Children's Institute and our friends at Downside Up as we partner to provide an outdoor camp experience for children with special needs in our programs. Families will enjoy a unique camp that can be completely customize for each family. Structured activities will be available, however, families can choose to participate or do something different that is of more interest to them. 

Camp Wakawalu is organized each year by Downside Up and creates a camp experience that brings families together who are caring for children with special needs. It provides fun and games for children and adults and is meant to be a time of respite and togetherness.

Families served by Siskin Children's Institute have the opportunity to participate in a day camp that will coincide with the weekend camp free of charge. Families will be able to join in all the fun and games, meet other families, and enjoy the great outdoors alongside a community of parents and counselors all ready to ensure you have a wonderful camp experience. 

Meals and snacks are provided. While many options will be available, if a member of your family has significant food requirements, feel free to pack options that might be a better fit. 

Download the Camp Wakawalu flyer. Have camp specific questions? Feel free to reach out to us or camp organizer, Theresa Nix


Special thanks to UNUM for supporting our Siskin Family Event Series.