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be the 1 in 6

By now you know why the 1 in 6 campaign is so important to the children and families in our community. Families that rely on the services and resources provided by Siskin Children's Institute. 

If you are just now learning about Siskin Children's Institute, we invite you to learn more about the 1 in 6 campaign by reviewing the campaign details below, watching a special video, and reading a few of the family stories that your donation will soon impact. 

Thank you for joining our cause and supporting our mission to work to improve the quality of life for  children with special needs and their families.

Brooklynn, Michael, and Joel sitting together 

1 in 6 children is diagnosed with a developmental disability. That means that there is a high demand for organizations like Siskin Children’s Institute (SCI), but few that families can turn to for early intervention programs, diagnosis, and treatment.

Be the 1 in 6! Make a difference in the lives of children with special needs today by being the 1 in 6 Chattanooga area residents who donate $20 or more to help children with special needs.

Help us reach our goal by December 31, 2018.

Below you can join the 1 in 6 campaign to support children with special needs. Your donation directly impacts children like these and more than 2,600 others in our community.



Meet some of the kids your donation will impact.

Click on this photo of Joel to read his story.

Meet Joel

Click on this photo of Brooklynn to read her story.

Meet Brooklynn

Click on this photo of Michael to read his story.

Meet Michael

Click here to read more family stories.

Make A Difference.
Be the 1 in 6

If 1 in 6 Chattanooga area residents gave $20 or more, we'd meet our goal. 

Your gift will support children like, Joel, Brooklynn, Michael, and many other children by providing access to high-quality services and resources close to home.

Your Gift Could Help Us...

Provide integrated creative arts enrichment programs to help children with special needs express themselves, enhance social skills, and better communicate with their peers. 

Grow our needs-based scholarship program for low income families who don’t meet requirements for other financial supports to ensure they have access to SCI programs and services.

Help SCI expand the partnership with Family Voices of TN to provide local families the support, parent training, resources, and peer network to navigate the complex systems involved in caring for children with special needs.

Expand therapeutic services to provide more children with needed speech, physical, and occupational therapies as well applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy.

Spread the Word

Let your friends on social media know you are the 1 in 6 stepping up to support kids with special needs in the Chattanooga region! Use the hashtags #SiskinKids and #BeThe1in6 to spread the word. 

Use our Facebook Frame to let your friends know you are the 1 in 6 supporting #SiskinKids.