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Family Support Services

We are here to help. Our family and community support coordinator offers information and support to families who have children with special needs. Our team of professionals provides personalized assistance in navigating community resources. We also collaborate with partnering organizations to present educational programs and social events. We strive to give families the skills, tools and supports they need for their children. 

We have the answers to everyday questions.

  • I think my child might have autism. Where can I go for an assessment?
  • Are there support groups available locally for families of children with autism?
  • My child needs a specific type of medical equipment, which is expensive. Are there local agencies that could help provide funding?
  • My child has a physical disability. Is there a local summer camp he or she can attend?
  • I’m pregnant and just realized my child will have Down syndrome. Can you connect me to local resources that can help?
  • How can I help my parents and other extended family better understand my child's disability?
 If you are searching for answers, we can help you find them.Contact our Family and Community Support Coordinator, Karen Coleman, at or by calling 423.648.1754 today!