Mission & Vision

Since 1950 Siskin Children's Institute has worked to bring hope to children and families.


Siskin Children’s Institute works to improve the quality of life for children with special needs and their families.




Siskin Children’s Institute will be a nationally recognized leader of evidence based services for children with diverse abilities using a family centered approach to increase access and opportunity for each child to reach his or her life goals.

At Siskin Children’s Institute, our goal is to make life better for children with special needs and their families.

Hear from the Nesin family, learn about their journey, and see how Siskin helped connect them to the resources their daughter needs.

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Founded in 1950 by Mose and Garrison Siskin in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Siskin Children’s Institute achieves its mission through pediatric healthcare services, education, home & community-based programs, and outreach services in the field of developmental disabilities.


The Siskin Early Learning Center provides a high quality preschool education to young children with and without disabilities, including children with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, chromosomal abnormality and brain injury. All children learn and play side-by-side in an environment that celebrates the accomplishments of every child.


Health Care

The Siskin Center for Developmental Pediatrics is a regional developmental pediatric center, led by a team of developmental pediatricians, with services available in Chattanooga and Nashville, TN. Children are referred to the Institute for medical, psychological and cognitive assessment, diagnosis and therapies, including occupational, speech and language, feeding, and applied behavior analysis.


Home Visiting
The Siskin Home & Community-Based Early Intervention program is designed to help parents, other caregivers and children with special needs gain the knowledge and confidence they need to be successful in life. Through visits with a developmental therapist, the family receives information, support, guidance and consultation about improving the child’s and family’s quality of life. It’s a program that can be provided in the home, child care center, the park or other natural settings in the community.


Siskin Outreach Services provide disability information to families, college students and professionals through a dynamic array of programs that weave through the Institute’s other areas of focus. Outreach Services houses the Helen Siskin Pregulman Family Voices of Tennessee Southeast Partnership program, offering a lending library, family support and training, consultation services, and professional training in fields related to special needs, and early childhood development.



We believe that every moment should be a teaching opportunity and that every day is a celebration of each child’s strengths, abilities and accomplishments.


We believe that children of all abilities are unique and capable learners benefiting from exploration within a predictable, loving and safe environment.


We believe that the family is a child’s first teacher and that collaboration, respect and family involvement in the team approach to early education are paramount.


We believe that a positive and accepting learning environment supports each child’s social, emotional, physical, motor, language and cognitive development.


We believe that children of all abilities grow and develop to their full potential by having the opportunity to engage in developmentally appropriate activities, being exposed to multiple instructional approaches, interacting with peers and developing relationships with caring adults.


We believe that community collaboration, resources and partnerships provide valuable awareness, educational, and outreach opportunities to support children, families, and professionals.


We believe that interaction with children and educators in a setting which demonstrates recommended practices is essential in the preparation and retention of professionals who work and will work with children and their families.


We believe that it is our responsibility and opportunity to value, nurture, and develop the potential within our human resources, including employees, volunteers, community partners and donors.


We believe that our human resources, including employees, volunteers, community partners and donors, are the essential element in providing an ever-evolving array of services to our community.


We believe in the responsible stewardship of those who invest their time and financial resources into helping us fulfill our mission.