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Frequently Asked Questions

Does home visiting only happen at home?
No. Home visiting is a short name for our Home & Community-Based Early Intervention program. This means our developmental therapists work in a variety of environments with families. Although the family's home is a common location for visits, meetings can take place at child care centers, with therapists, and other community locations. Developmental therapists want to work with all adults who care for the child with special needs, so this includes parents, child care staff, therapists, and others.

Is there a curriculum for home visiting?

There is no curriculum beyond the Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) and the child's routines. Home visitors do not go to homes with activities they conduct with the children and they do not ask families to conduct activities between home visits. They use their knowledge of (a) child development, (b) behavioral principles and (c) incidental teaching to make specific suggestions to families. Intervention, which is what the family does with the child (i.e., parenting!), happens throughout daily life at home and in the community. Intervention also occurs with other caregivers at locations such as child care centers, therapy visits,and so on.

How Often Do Home Visits Occur?
Home visits usually occur weekly. When families have 6 to 12 outcomes/goals, weekly support often is warranted. The frequency and intensity of services is decided at IFSP meetings with the TEIS service coordinator.