Phone & Internet Carriers Offer Help During Pandemic

In response to Covid-19, Siskin Children’s Institute has begun implementing telehealth to carry out medical and therapy appointments for the kids we serve. We love being able to offer these services, but we understand that conducting appointments via phone, tablet, or laptop each week can quickly eat up a family’s mobile or internet data. 

The good news is that most carriers have made significant changes to their plans throughout the next few weeks, offering additional data and more hotspots while also working with individuals and families struggling to pay on time. Here is a list of some of the additional services offered right now in our area:

• Waiving late fees
• Suspending disconnects for those affected by Covid-19, but you need to call and let them know
• Opening up Wi-Fi hotspots to anyone
• Cricket and AT&T Prepaid Plans
• Increasing data limits for new and existing customers for 2 months
• Learn more.

• 60 days unlimited high-speed data for those with Legacy Plans, effective 3/13/20 
• Smartphone plans for T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile plans with hotspot data get an additional 20 GB, effective 3/20/20
• Free international calling 
• Learn more.

• Unlimited data for 60 days for customers with metered data plans, effective 3/18/20
• Waiving per-minute toll charges for international calls to countries that are defined as Level 3 by the CDC (effective 3/17/2020)
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• Unlimited calls 3/18/20 – 4/30/20
• 300 additional minutes for prepaid customers
• Waiving activation and upgrade fees for new lines or new devices
• Waiving late fees and suspension to individuals and small businesses affected by Covid-19, but you must call to let them know
• Learn more.

Comcast Xfinity
• Pausing internet data plans for 60 days, offering unlimited data at no charge
• No disconnects or late fees for those affected by Covid-19 but it is important to call and let them know
• Use this map to locate a hotspot in your area
• Learn more.

EPB Fiber Optics
• Quick Connect EPB free Wi-Fi is available for students, necessary business, and telehealth.
• No disconnects or late fees, but it is important to call 423.648.1372 to let them know if you can’t pay your bill
• Learn more.

CONTENT PROVIDED BY: Rachel Green, Home and Community-Based Early Intervention

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