Why Monthly Giving Matters

November 06, 2023

As a supporter of nonprofit organizations, you have the power to drive positive change and make a lasting impact. We want to share with you why monthly giving, also known as recurring gifts/donations, is an essential part of providing funding and resources for the children and families of Siskin Children’s Institute.

Here’s why your monthly donations matter:

Steady Revenue Stream: By choosing to give monthly, you provide a predictable and steady source of income for nonprofits. Unlike one-time donations, which can be sporadic and uncertain, your recurring gifts ensure a reliable flow of funds. This financial consistency empowers organizations like ours to plan and budget more effectively, ensuring that your contributions are put to the best possible use.

Financial Stability: Nonprofits often face financial uncertainty, particularly during economic downturns or unforeseen crises such as a pandemic. Monthly donations play a pivotal role in providing financial stability by reducing our reliance on large one-time donations. This stability enables us to continue our vital work without disruption, regardless of external challenges.

Reduced Fundraising Costs: Acquiring new donors can be a costly endeavor, involving marketing, outreach, and administrative expenses. By choosing to become a monthly donor, you help us reduce these costs because we don’t have to continually seek out new supporters. Your commitment to monthly giving allows us to allocate more resources directly to our mission.

Long-Term Impact: The cumulative effect of your monthly contributions is substantial. While a single one-time donation can be significant, your consistent support adds up over time, potentially resulting in a more significant overall impact on our organization’s work. Your ongoing commitment is integral to our long-term success.

Flexibility: We understand that your budget matters. Monthly donations are designed to be manageable within your financial capabilities. This approach allows you to spread your support over time, making it easier for you to contribute more than you might with a single lump sum. Your flexibility empowers us to fulfill our mission effectively.

Sustainability: Sustainable funding models are vital for nonprofits to fulfill their mission over the long term. Your future monthly gifts are the cornerstone of our sustainability, reducing our reliance on sporadic or one-off grants. Your support is essential in building the foundation for our future endeavors.

Your decision to become a monthly donor holds the potential to drive meaningful change and shape the future of our organization. We invite you to explore how you can make a bigger difference with your monthly donation.


Make a bigger impact with your monthly donation today.