Serve It Up for Siskin tennis event Serving It Up for Siskin Tennis Event

Serving It Up for Siskin


Serving it Up for Siskin

For over seven years, the Baylor School Boys and Girls Tennis Teams have planned and hosted Serving It Up for Siskin, a mixed doubles tennis tournament. This event began as a senior project in 2013 by Baylor alumnae McCall Morgan and Harper Caswell and has raised over $90,000 for Siskin Children’s Institute throughout the years.

The 2019 year event, was organized by Anna Hawkins, Grace Mooney, Carolyn Reid, Defne Bozbey, Hunter Smith, Ethan Burgan, and John Gilbert. The event raised $11,600 for children with special needs.

“It’s incredible the dedication these students have and their abilities to plan and organize such a successful event while also fulfilling their school requirements. We are grateful for their commitment to the children and families we serve.”

-Derek Bullard, President and CEO of Siskin Children’s Institute